Hooray For Trannies!

Originally posted August 20, 2007

My boss, Jackie, called me a couple of days ago to see if I'd mind starting earlier than scheduled today. I agreed and this morning I woke up at 6am for the first time in months. It sucked.

I got one call early on, pretty straightforward, and 10 minutes. It would seem the guys are calling for a quick jerk before work. This guy tells me he woke up horny, and wanted to get off quick before he had to leave. It makes me feel good knowing I sent him off to start his day with a smile.

Then I get a humiliation call. I'm still unsteady with that sort of thing. I get shit from people for being relentlessly nice. Here I am, talking to a guy who tells me he went to a video booth in a porn store to watch a movie. He's wearing his mom's panties and sucking his thumb when two jocks happen upon him. He'd neglected to latch the door. They laugh at him and make him go down on them. And somehow, I hesitate at being too mean, and am at a loss for words.

I make a disgusted sound and call him a little sissy boy. And pathetic and worthless. But, I find myself stumbling. My inner nice girl doesn't want to hurt his feelings.

Seriously! This guy pays good money to be humiliated at 8am, and I'm worried about hurting his feelings!! I'm not sure how well I did. I don't feel terribly confident.

I ask Dennis for some pointers, after the call and he points out that I should have called him a fucking faggot. I made fun of his small dick and the fact that he probably loves having his face raped since he's a pathetic little sissy boy in his mommy's panties, but, it never occurred to me to call him GAY! That's the go-to insult for all men, and I totally dropped the ball.

I'm very disappointed in myself.

Then I get the call I'm waiting for.
"I have Kevin, and he wants a 30 year old, black tranny," says Mindy.
"Oh yay! I'm Mercedes!" I say.
Mindy doesn't bat an eye at my enthusiasm. "I'm connecting you now."
"Hey, sweetie, what's your name?" it's a good thing it's early, I still have that morning coffee gruff voice going,
"Kevin..." his voice is unsteady and he clears his throat,
"Hi Kevin," I purr, "I'm Mercedes...tell me about yourself baby. What do you look like?"
"blahblahblah," standard description that I only listen to long enough to comment that some feature is hot. I write it down, in case it comes up later, but it's usually like, "Ohhh, I love brown hair and brown eyes! mmm, tall dark and handsome!"
"What do you look like Mercedes?"
"Oh, honey, I have silky dark chocolate skin, 38DD tits with nipples like big brown pencil erasers. I have nice round hips and a tight bubble butt..." I giggle, "and, if you can handle it, I have a surprise in my panties for you."
"You do? Oh, what kind of surprise?"
I giggle again, "A big, fat, 9 inch surprise!"
"Oh yea?"
"Uh huh....you think you can handle a fat black dick?"
"Oh yea!" he's breathing fast and hard. My voice is deep and gruff.
"Get over here and suck this black dick! Choke on it! Yea, take that dick." He's groaning, really getting into it.
"Oh look at you! You're a little cock whore aren't you?"
"Oh yea!"
"You like that great big black dick don't you? Tell me you love my big black cock while I play with these black titties!"
"I do! I'm a cock whore and I love this big black dick!"

It went on like this for a bit, and I was pretty proud of myself for calling some guy a cock whore and having him love it. I even pretended to spit when I fucked him in his ass! And when he begged me to cum in his mouth, I remembered that a man doesn't sound like a woman when he comes, so I did the grunting, "Uh! Uh! UH! AAARRRG!" thing the loud men do in the pornos.

He thanks me and says he'd call me again. Hell yea!

I wonder how many of your coworkers called a telephone trollop this morning before beginning the daily grind. The dude in the cubicle next to you might have been my dirty little cock whore a few hours ago. How awesome is that?