A Good Night

Originally posted June 23, 2008

I'm having an interesting night of calls. It's one of those occasions that I'm actually enjoying being on and having fun with my customers. And it shows, they've all stayed to talk to me for their entire alloted time. It's amazing what simply deciding to change your outlook can do.

I talk to a disabled Vietnam vet. He was feeling depressed about being stuck at home, in a wheelchair with no company, no one to talk to. This depresses me, too. We shift topics to nicer things, since he just wants to talk, no sex. I'm saddened when he gives me his address and asks if we can be pen pals. As much as I'd like to, I can't. But, over the next few days, I think more and more, “why can't I?” If it would brighten this poor guy's day, why not? I could send them with no return addresses, even though that's not really in the spirit of pen pal-dom...

I get a request from my new favorite caller, Sam. He's quickly becoming a regular. He's very nice and easy to talk to. It helps that his fantasies aren't so far out there that I can't relate. It is interesting that his fantasies all revolve around phone sex, though. So, in one case, I was his cleaning lady and he'd realized I'd been looking through his drawers, and he called me to confront me. The conversation came around to me having a crush on him and what would happen when I came back to his place for my punishment. Another was I was his wife, and he called me on his lunch break, interrupting my masturbating to the pool boy. I told him what I was doing, it turned him on, and we talked about possibly inviting the pool boy to join us that evening. They are simple, and sort of sexy, so it's nice to talk to Sam.

The next hour is spent with another regular. He wants to call me back when our time is up, but decides he'll wait a little bit. He waits an hour and calls me back for another hour-long request. We don't really have conversation, we “listen to each other masturbate.” So, I fake orgasms at semi-regular interviews while he shouts, “That's the real thing baby! You're really getting off, I can tell!” Indeed. He sometimes asks me to do bewildering things, like shove my panties up my ass or pussy. I'm not sure how or why he figures this would feel good for me, but I try to make the appropriate sounds. Once, he told me to shove three vibrators in me, end to end...all in all, though, he's a nice guy, so I don't mind him. He spends a lot of money with us, because he calls several times a week and he also talks to this other girl a lot.

The best comes just before I sign off. Mindy tells me he's a brand new caller named George, and he wants to talk to a sweet and sexy, black, 20 year-old.

We introduce ourselves. George is an older gentleman from the South. He tells me he has a rather strange fetish, and wants to know how comfortable I am role-playing. I am always a little wary when they tell me their fetishes are strange, but I tell him we can talk about anything as long as all participants are 18.

He clears his throat and hesitates. I assure him that he can tell me anything, that's what I'm here for.

“Well, see...it's like this,” he begins, “The other day, this telemarketer called me, and I agreed to buy something for her, but I had to give her all of my personal information...”

“OK,” I say encouragingly, still with no clue where this will end up.

“Well, that just turned me on so much!” he announces, still a little hesitantly.

“...talking to the telemarketer?”

“Yes! Just, something about giving out my personal information turns me on so much. I'd like to be able to do that, but I think it would be even better if the person on the other end of the line knew I had my dick in my hand while she was getting this information.”

OH! Really?! Wow...

“Oh, so it's just telling someone your confidential information gets you excited?” I ask, just to be sure.

“Yes, it really does. I'm not sure why, but, oh do I get worked up!”

I chuckle a little, relieved. That's nothing!

“We can roleplay that, George, no problem.”

“Are you sure, that won't make you uncomfortable?” He asks. It's sweet when they're really concerned about me being comfortable with their fantasy. Obviously, George is unaware that the company he called is dominated by men with strange fetishes, usually gross ones.

I assure him that it doesn't make me uncomfortable in the least and it actually sounds like fun. He breathes a sigh of relief and tells me that he wants me to ask him for everything. He says if I want to write it all down, too, that would be even better. So, I grab my notebook and click my pen, making sure it's noisy enough for him to hear.

“So, George, your phone rings, and I'm a telemarketer calling to offer you phone service,” I begin.

“OK,” he clears his throat, “Hello?”

“Hello, sir. My name is Serena, and I am calling from PhoneWhore Communications. I have an offer for a new telephone service for your area. Are you interested?”

“Oh, yes, I am!”

I can feel him relaxing, and that makes me smile. Funny how something so silly to me can be so stressful to him. I suppose it is a little strange.

“Well, sir, I'll need your first and last name to get this set up.”

“George Thompson, miss.”

“All right, Mr. Thompson, and what is your address?”

He gives me his address, and in this manner I get his Social Security number and driver's license number as well. I tell him we can keep his existing phone number, so he gives this to me, as well as his cell phone number, just in case.

I tell him that I want to make sure I have the information recorded accurately, and I read it back to him.

At this point he groans, “Oh, Serena, I'm playing with my dick right now, and it feels so good!”

“Well, I'm glad Mr. Thompson! Ok, now, we can set you up for monthly payments to be deducted directly from your checking account. Are you interested in that?”

“I am interested in that, let me grab my checkbook...”

“Thank you Mr. Thompson. And when you're ready, please read me your routing number, followed by your checking account number.”

He does. He also tells me the balances in his checking and savings accounts.

I explain he can use his credit card as a backup payment method if he'd like. Of course he would like.

“But, just so you know, you can't open up new accounts, I have it set up that way,” he says. This is the first time he's sounded a little concerned. It is probably occurring to him that I could be shady and take all of this information and run.

“That's ok, Mr. Thompson,” I reassure him, “We don't need to open up new accounts. All that matters is that funds can be deducted from these existing accounts.”

“That's fine, then. You can make purchases from the accounts, no problem,” he says happily, then groans a little and tells me how good he feels.

“Do you have notifications activated on these accounts? So, if an amount above a certain level is charged, the company will call to warn you?”

“Yes, if you spend a lot in one place, or if you make many small purchases that add up to a lot in one day, they'll call and ask me if I authorized them.”

“I see. But, if I make small purchases, spaced out over time. Say, weekly, or monthly, then no red flags will pop up?”

He groans louder this time, “No, not at all.”

I take advantage of the thickness in his voice and repeat all the information he's given me so far once more.

“Oh, Serena, my dick feels so good!”

“That makes me happy, Mr. Thompson.”

I'm not really sure what else to ask him, so he starts offering information. He tells me his email address and password. He gives me the website for his credit card company, and his user name and password. Then he gives me the 800 number for his bank and his access code for said 800 number as well as his debit card number and PIN.

He asks me if I can log into the website for his credit card and see if the password he gives me is correct. As luck would have it, my internet is out on this night, so I can't do that. I don't tell him this, instead, I open up a word document so he can hear me typing away.

I tell him I can see his account information. He asks if I can see his credit limit there. I tell him I've logged out already, but I did remember seeing it. Was it $5000? My wild stab in the dark pays off, and he says that's right, voice thickening even more. I'm far from psychic, but since his checking and savings account balances weren't terribly high, I figured he couldn't have an astronomical credit limit.

I keep typing, telling him I'm not entering his information in our database. This allows me to read all of his information back to him once again.

He tells me again how good he feels, and is silent briefly. I again tell him that I'm happy he's happy. He thanks me finally, and tells me that it was fun.

He reminds me again that his accounts are set up so that no one can open up new accounts, or get another credit card issued. I tell him I understand and that he doesn't have to worry about anything.

Sometimes I wish I had fewer scruples. I have an Amazon wishlist after all! I hang up with a bemused smile. Not a bad night at work at all.