High & Tight Part 2

Originally posted December 17, 2007

"I have a request for Mary Anne from John, you spoke to him on [whatever date]..."

John is a common enough name, and I can't find him, so I ask Mindy to refresh my memory.

"He wanted you to be motherly and, he likes to talk about hair..."

"OH!" I yell in recognition.

Mindy chuckles. "I take it he made an impression?"

"Yea, you can't really forget a hair cutting fetishist!"

He still sounds very chipper and happy, and asks if I remember him when we're finally connected.

"Yes! I've been waiting to hear if you really went out and got your hair cut!"

"I did, that same day I talked to you. That's been about a month now, right."

"It has! I'm so glad you did it. I have so many questions!" I really do, so my excited curiosity is genuine. "How did it happen? What did your lady say?"

He laughs indulgently. "Well, after I hung up with you, I was really excited about it, so I decided to just go do it. And my girlfriend was coming in as I was leaving and she said she wanted to go with me..."

"Oh! So she got to watch!"

"Yea, she was pretty excited about that. And the beautician let her sit in the empty chair next to me and watch."

"Wow! I bet she was really turned on!"

"She was, it was great. She watched with her mouth open, and she looked so horny the whole time!" We laugh. "The stylist kept asking if I was sure...she first put it in a ponytail like you said, and then when that was gone, she said she could just give me a short haircut."

"But, you didn't do that, did you?"

"Nope. I looked at my girlfriend and she just kind of nodded at me, so I told her to just buzz it off. It felt really good when she did that, and my girlfriend was so turned on."

"So, you went home and had awesome sex, I bet!"

"Oh, yea, it was really good..."

"So, she got to fuck your ass with a strapon, right?"

"Oh yes, she did. And it was incredible. We were both so turned on anyway from the haircut that it just ended up being really hot and wild."

There was no indication that he wanted to have phone sex. In fact, at one point, I hear a beep that sounded like a car's warning light. When I ask him what it was, he tells me that he's driving home from work and thought about me. He says he remembered he promised to keep me updated.

"I'm glad you did," I say. "I was wondering if you went through with it."

"My girlfriend ended up getting her hair buzzed off a couple of days later!"

"She did! How is that?"

"Oh man, it is so hot, she looks so sexy. So, now we both have bald heads."

"Did you shave her?"

"Not the first time, but now we do shave each other. It's kinda like our foreplay."


"Yea, and she was only going to do it for a short time, but she loved it so much, she went and got some really nice wigs instead. And I came home the other day, and she made me take the trash out. It was heavy so I looked inside, and she'd thrown out all of the shampoos and conditioners and stuff..."

"Oh, so you both are sticking to the bald thing for a while, huh?"

"I guess so," he says, laughing. "It's fun, though. She'd wear different wigs and it was kinda like having different girlfriends. But then, one day, she was doing some shopping, and she got hot, so she took it off. Then she just decided to keep shopping without it on."

"I bet she got a lot of attention that day!"

"She said she loved it. She said it make her feel sexy and unique, so she's been going around without the wigs on either."

"Wow, I bet that's a turn on for you..."

"It is, I love watching people checking her out, and she seems so confident and sexy now."

"You've got me thinking I should cut my hair!" I say.

"Really?" That seems to have piqued his interest.

"Yes! I've been tucking it under and checking it out in the mirror. I think I want to. And my boyfriend keeps telling me it would look hot."

"You really should, go for it!"

"I want to..."

"Don't wait, when we hang out, you should do it, surprise your guy."

"I think I will, after hearing how you two turned out," I tell him with a giggle. "You've created a monster."

He laughs, and I hear the beep of his car door opening. "Well, I'm home now, but I'll call back in a couple of weeks and you can tell me about your haircut."

"That sounds good, John." And we hang up. I shake my head. I was a little confused the entire time, waiting for a sexual detour that never came. At least he seemed like he had a good time talking to me.

Two Weeks Later

John calls back, to see if I got my hair cut. This time he sounds a little distracted and our conversation doesn't flow as easily.

"Are you and your lady still loving the shaved heads?"

"Oh yea. I think we're going to keep it up for a while," he confides. I'm not really sure where to go with this conversation. He sounds horny, unlike the last time he called, but I can't figure out what we're supposed to be doing.

Finally he asks if I ever went and cut off my hair. His voice is thick and quiet, so now I know what he's after. I start to create a story about getting my hair cut similar to his story.

I tell him I went to the salon immediately after getting off the phone with him. I tell him I brought my boyfriend, but I couldn't bring myself to go bald. Instead, I just got a pixie cut.

"Oh, that's as short as you can get without shaving it," he says, his voice distant. I figure I'm going to stop trying to include him in the conversation and just talk.

"My boyfriend came home, and I grabbed him and told him we were going out to dinner, since I didn't feel like cooking. I took us to a restaurant that's across from a salon, and I made it seem like I just decided there and then. I figured if your lady liked watching you get your hair cut so much, my guy might, too..."

"And did he?" He's whispering now.

"He did! I could see him getting hard through his jeans while she was cutting it."

"How did she cut it?"

"Well, first, she pulled it back into a ponytail, and cut it on the other side of the rubberband. Then she evened it all around with her scissors, and asked if I was sure. She said I had such a pretty, full head of hair, and she felt bad cutting it off."

"Yea, your hair was down to your butt, right?"

"It was! But, I told her I was sure, and she took out the clippers."

"You got it buzzed?" very thick voice now.

"Oh yea, it's buzzed all the way around, with just a little length on the top so I can make it spikey if I want to."

"Did she use the combs? You know, to guide it?"

"For the top, for the back she didn't at all, it's shaved clean then gradually gets longer as it goes up."

"It's super short, yea?"


"Does your boyfriend like it?"

"Oh yea, he can't keep his hands off of it!"

There's a long pause, then a sigh. "Thank you, Mary Anne."

"You're welcome..." I shake my head and chuckle as we hang up. I wonder if he'll call again. None of us have hair anymore, so I'm not sure how that will work.