High & Tight

Originally posted October 22, 2007

“Hey, Charlotte. I have John, it's a per minute call, he wants white, early 30s, motherly, sweet and sexy, sensual...” Most of the guys call themselves John, and there is a litany of terms for describing what kind of girl someone wants. Most of my calls are for “white,” “hot and horny” and/or “slutty.” Mindy goes on, “You've never spoken to him before, he called on the anything goes line.”

“I shall be Mary Anne,” I say dramatically. I'm rewarded with a giggle from Mindy.

“Connecting John to Mary Anne per minute...”

We say our hellos and start the descriptions. He's average height, with longish brown hair and brown eyes. He sounds like he's got a great big smile, and he talks to me like I'm a friend and he just wants to shoot the shit. I see him sitting in front of a sunny window, with a big, bright grin on his face.

Mary Anne has really long, black hair, and John oohs and says he likes long hair. In fact, he and his girlfriend share a particular hair kink. He asks me if I've ever done anything sexy with my hair.

“Well, my boyfriend likes for me to put my hair into two braided pigtails before we fuck. He likes to use the pigtails to tie me to the headboard,” I say softly. Had I been young Sarah, I'd have giggled after I said it. Since Mary Anne is older, she's not shy about her sexploits.

“That's very hot,” John says with a laugh. “Very hot!”

“I know! What sorts of things do you and your lady like to do?” While I like the calls where I get to tell stories a lot, my favorite by far are the guys who just want to talk. Sometimes they talk about their fetish, which is awesome because I get to ask the sorts of questions I'm genuinely curious about, and they get to get off talking to someone about it. Other times, they really just want to talk, and sex is mentioned very obliquely. I like talking to random strangers anyway, and I've had some really fun conversations during the course of this job.

“Well, she and I are a little bit the opposite of that, we have this thing for cutting our hair,” he explains.

“Oh yea?” I can't begin to fathom how that would work.

“Yea, see, I used to have really long hair when I met her, like down to my butt, and her hair was long, too. Not as long as mine, but down the middle of her back. And she would talk about cutting off my hair while we had sex. And she'd tease me about getting her hair cut really short.”

“She wanted to cut your hair while you fucked?” Sexuality is so confusing.

"No, just like, surprising each other with hair cuts. Like, coming home with our hair short all of a sudden," he explains, patiently.

"Oh. I see," I say. Not really, but I am intrigued.

“Yea, so, one day, she came home and she had cut her hair! Just to her shoulders, but she did get a lot cut off, and it really turned me on.”

“Did it? You sound surprised that it turned you on.”

“I was! I wasn't sure how she'd look with shorter hair, but she looked really hot! And when we had sex that night, she told me I should cut my hair, too. She said it would really turn her on.”

“OH! So did you do it?”

“Yea, but I didn't go that short. I mean, I've had my long hair for my whole life, I don't know...” He trails off.

"I understand! Its a little bit sad to let go, even if it does turn you on. Its scary to take that step."

“Exactly! That's right!" He really sounds relieved that I understand. "So, I just cut it to my shoulders, too.”

“And did she like it?” I kick back in my chair and put my feet up, totally in conversation mode now. I figure his lady was probably sick of a boyfriend with long hair and was trying to get him to cut it using sex as a tool. Her creativity impresses me. I wonder if she realizes he'd turned it into some hair cutting fetish.

“She loved it! So, then she came home again a couple of weeks ago, and it was cut real short. Like a short little bob, you know, where it's short up high in the back, and then hangs down in front?”

“Oh, that's a really cute haircut!”

“It is. And she looked really hot!” He doesn't sound turned on at all, we're just chatting. “It suits her face, and it brings out her eyes. And now, it's this little sexy game we have. We surprise each other with our haircuts, and then we have just really hot sex.”

“That is hot! It's neat that you both can have so much fun with your sex life.”

“I know. I'm pretty lucky, she's a great girl...but now, she told me she wants me to shave my head and let her fuck me with a strap-on.” Now he sounds turned on.

“Oh really? And has she played with your ass before?”

“A little bit, she'll lick it, or put her finger in there while she blows me, and I like that a lot." Now he speaks to me with a dreamy smile.

“Well, I bet you'd like a strap-on fucking, especially if you're already so turned on by your new haircut.”

“I think I would, too. Do you think I should cut my hair?”

I realize that this job is all about fantasy, and my callers make things up the same as I do. It adds a whole new level to our game. What's real, what's not? People will quiz me, to find out if I really am what I say. When I was my black character one night, a guy asked me to tell him about the Jena 6. I find myself wondering what parts of their stories are true, as well. When he talks about cutting his hair, John sounds legitimately concerned, I feel like this part is true. I can't figure out with the girlfriend. Maybe he really has one who wants him to cut his hair, but the rest...

“I do. It'll grow back! And you'll get a chance to try out something that might be a lot of fun. Plus a shaved head feels really good, she won't be able to keep her hands off of it.”

“Yea, her hair was shaved up the back and it did feel really good...She said she liked touching it.”

“Imagine your whole head like that. You can rub it on her pussy.”

“I could!” He laughs, happily, “That's a really good idea. I took the day off today, I think I'm gonna do it! I figure I should just go out there, and just do it, and surprise her tonight.”

“I think you should, too! Don't think about it too much! Just go cut your hair.” Whether he has a real life girlfriend or not, he needs to cut his hair. Long hair on a man can be hot, but not when it's down to his ass, for cryin out loud!

“Well, she has this dildo, one of those that's made out of balls that get progressively bigger, you know the one?”

“Yes, I do. Those are very nice for assplay.”

“Yea, I thought maybe I could like practice a little bit with you and use it, to get used to having something up there?” He says, cautiously.

“That's a good idea, John! Let's practice.”

“Ok, so like, I come into your salon, and tell you to cut my hair, how would that be?”

“You walk into my salon...” His voice goes from lusty, to hesitant and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here. Am I going to cut his hair and then have sex with him in the salon?

“Yea, just to get my hair cut,” he says. I imagine he can hear the confusion in my voice, too. “I'm just going to put this dildo in my ass while you describe what my hair cut would be like.”

"Oh...you just want me to describe cutting your hair?"

"Yea, you're a stylist or a hairdresser or whatever, and I come in and tell you I want my hair to be buzzed off. And, while you talk about that, I'm just going to try to get down to the biggest ball on this dildo."

“Oh. Ok. Well, first, I'd brush your hair out. Nice and slow strokes across your scalp, then gently through your hair.” I still use the sexy story voice. I want him to really see the salon. “Close your eyes and feel the brush gently graze your skin and tug your hair away from you head. I want you to really savor it, because you won't feel this again for a long time. We'll do 100 strokes, so you almost fall asleep to the rhythm of the drag and pull. Then I'll gather it all together in a ponytail at the back of your head. Are you sure you really want to cut this off?”

“Yes.” He sounds quiet and far away. Since I know he enjoys my story, I continue on.

"I make a nice loose ponytail at the back of your head. As I wind the rubber band around, you feel your hair swish across your neck and your ears. Then I take my biggest scissors and start hacking away at that hair. It's so thick, that it's difficult for the scissors to cut through, but then you feel a strand of hair brush across your ear, then another one grazes your eyebrow, and more and more until your head suddenly feels light. Shake your head from side to side, John, feel how your hair barely touches the tops of your ears anymore. Run your hands through it. You run out of hair between your fingers before you were ready to, didn't you? I turn on my electric clipper now, and press it to the back of your neck, you feel it grind slowly up your head, and strands of hair fall into your lap. You can feel a breeze on your scalp now as I move past you to take off the hair in front. Take your hand and run it across your head, feel those soft bristles...”

“Wow, thank you,” John interrupts.

“Oh..." judging by his breathlessness, I figure he came. Go me! "You're welcome!”

“That was really good,” he says sleepily.

“Good! I'm glad you had fun." And I am. "So, you're going to go get it cut?”

“Oh, yes, definitely.”

“Awesome! You should call me after and let me know how it goes.”

“I will! Thank you, Mary Anne, I had a nice time talking to you today. You have a good afternoon.”

“Well, I had fun talking to you, too, John. Bye bye.”