The Amulet

Originally posted September 30, 2007

"Hey Charlotte, you ready?" If Mindy's voice sounds more excited than usual, I don't notice. I'm really not feeling like working today.

"Yup," I say, grabbing up pen and paper.

"OK, it's a per minute call, he wants 38, white, slutty, shemale..." She pauses, and I wait.

"Ok..." I say. Now I'm confused. Normally she's brisk when there's a per minute caller.

". . .who's pregnant."

". . .um," I reread my notes, "he said 'tranny' right?"

"I know!" Mindy says, excitedly. She drops her professionalism and gives in to the gossip, "I told him, 'excuse me?!'" Then I lose it. I guffaw and she laughs, too. "But, yes, he wants a pregnant tranny. . ." We only can laugh briefly, because we can't keep the guy on hold forever. But in those few seconds, I was breathless and in tears. I take a deep breath and swallow it.

"Hi, this is Mercedes. Who's this?" I try to be soft and sexy, but gruff.

"Hi, Mercedes, this is Dale." Southern, friendly and open. "Why don't you tell me what you look like?"

"I am 5'8, long blonde hair pulled up in a tight ponytail, green eyes. I have great big 38DDs, a nice round ass, and a fat, 9 inch cock!" I leave out the pregnant thing. If they have a random ass kink, I wait and throw it in later in the call. I'll let them ask me, or else I'll bring it up as though it's a super awesome sex thing we both have in common.

"That sounds so nice," he exclaims happily.

"Thank you, baby! What do you look like?"

"Well, I'm about 6 feet tall. I'm muscular, I work construction. And, well. . .hell," he chuckles. "Naw, you wouldn't believe me."

"Aww, try me! What is it? I wanna know." I'm breathless. Literally, any laughter is gone as I wait for this story to unfold.

"Well. . ." He clears his throat. I picture him taking off his cowboy hat and scratching his head. He scuffs his boot in the dirt. Why's he outside telling me this? I don't know, I've always pictured the person I'm on the phone with in my mind. I normally know the individual, so I'd see them on their recliner in front of the window, or some such. Now that I'm doing phone sex, I can't stop the imagination. It's just now the scenario is a little odd... Anyway, the sun's going down, there's a wooden fence and horses nickering gently in the background, too. "I found this amulet, see. . ."

"An amulet?" I repeat. Really? That's how this is going to go?

"Yea, I found this amulet, and I put it on, you know?" More throat clearing and toe shuffling, "And my hair got to growing real long. I started growing breasts. Great big, heavy breasts. . .And then my fingernails turned red and they got long, too. And then. . .well. . .and then, my belly got to growing real big!"

"Really?! Was it a red amulet?" I whisper, gasping.

"Yes? Yes it was red. . ." He sounds a bit confused.

"And, did you find it in your garden on midnight of a full moon?" I ask excitedly.

"Why, yes I did!"

"I found one too!" I yell this, jubilant.

"Really?! You did?" Now he's quiet and whispering.

"Yes, I did, and my belly got to growing, too! And I could feel something moving around in there, and the doctor told me I was pregnant!"

"Me, too."

"You, too?" I whisper now too. "Can I rub your belly? Do you want to rub mine?"

"I do." And his voice takes on that thickness I love so well.

"Let's rub bellies, Dale!"

"Oh yes! Rub your big pregnant belly!"

"Do you want to rub your cock on my big pregnant belly?"

"Yes, you rub your cock on my big pregnant belly, too!" He says breathlessly.

"Oh yea," I yell, talking faster. "Cum all over my pregnant belly, Dale! I want to feel your cum all over my cock and my big pregnant belly!"

"OH YES!" He grunts and hangs up.

I laugh and laugh and laugh. Best. Call. Ever.