Quicky Update

Originally posted January 10, 2008

Happy New Year, my fellow pervert lovers!!

I'm sorry for the lack of update this week.

I quit the company I worked for. Mostly, it was due to the fact that I made shit for money and thought I could make more elsewhere.

Then, I just was lazy and didn't work anywhere and instead celebrated the holidays and avoided sex talk as much as possible.

I started at a new company today, which seems promising. We'll see.

This place seems to be mostly automated, so there will be no fun conversations with receptionists. That sucks.

Just so you know, Mindy was a composite of all the receptionists I worked with. It's not like that matters, really, I just thought you should know.

In any case, I have one last story from my time with Mindy's company. It'll be posted...soon.

This new place has way more rules. No talk of anything illegal. No drugs, rape, necrophilia, child porn, sex with minors or incest--including in-laws or people related to me by marriage. The only thing my other company outlawed was anything involving minors. I've talked about every one of the other things listed. Well, I never fucked a dead person, but I did kill a guy with a rock while I fucked him, and me and another guy hung his girlfriend. I can't tell you how many guys called me and told me they were on coke and actually snorted lines while we chatted. And yes, I have described fucking animals. The fucked up thing is, when I read the rules, I was disappointed at all the things outlawed. I thought, well, that's not very fun. No, I'm not fucked up at all...

They've sent me literally 15 emails, with all sorts of rules, tips and suggestions. It's sorta nice seeing as how my last company just threw me out there after 30 minutes of very general training consisting of telling me to just wing it. The email advice is stuff I've already learned, so the vast assortment of emails is annoying instead of informational. Plus, the emails look like a retarded 15 year old wrote them, complete with "u" instead of "you" and unnecessary colors and graphics. This makes me regret leaving Mindy.

They also advised me to not talk about my nipples. Even on the big breast line, they say to not describe them when describing my boobs. I don't get it. Dennis says it's in case the dude has a specific nipple preference, they don't want me to ruin it. Whatever, it's stupid. I am glad this isn't the first company I worked for.

I don't have prescribed characters, either. I pick my name and my description.

I'm Charlotte and I have long black hair and blue eyes (only because I think black hair and blue eyes is ridiculously hot) and I'm always ready for a good time!