Question & Answer Time

Originally posted November 28, 2007

I'm thinking that I should have a post dedicated to answering your questions, comments concerns, and suggestions.

I feel as though I'm getting to a point where a lot of my calls seem very normal, and it's hard for me to remember that it's not normal to other people. At all! So, I worry that I leave out details, or don't explain things as well as I should.

Please, send me anything that's on your mind. I want it to be an open forum and for you to feel free to ask me anything.

If there are things you want me to talk about more (or less), or if you have suggestions to make this site more entertaining, please let me know that, too.

Email me at

or, message me on Myspace. Friend me too, while you're at it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Answers to Your Questions
Originally posted December 12, 2007

I guess I'm not doing as terribly as I thought at explaining things; I didn't get a ton of questions. Thank you to all you guys who wrote just to tell me you like what I write. That makes me happy!

Here are your questions:

Hey Charlotte, I'm a huge fan of your site, and I've gotten my friends addicted. Anyway, I was just wondering if whether or not your kids knew about your awesome occupation as a phone whore? I would be honored if my mother was a telefloozy.


Thank you!

I am not a mother, though. My parents know, but we only ever talk about it obliquely. They don't know about this site. I go back and forth about telling them but I'm not sure if I should...


Do women ever call?

Ashley Squared

Actually, yes. I've had three. One girl said she'd never been with a woman, but she liked calling up when she masturbated. That was simple, I just pretty much described what I like having done to myself. The second wanted to trade stories about the last time we were with a girl, but then someone came in and she hung up. The last one was a bit dirtier, where she wanted me to be in control and call her a whore. That was a little bit harder, for some reason. It was hard for me to call a woman a fucking little whore, even though I've no problem if a caller calls me that, or I call him that...I'm still not sure why that might be.


Does it frighten you that you forget to post things because they are "normal" to you? I like the mini dialogs that you have with the operator before you get put though to a caller. Especially when they make fun of the caller. Given what I've read so far it seems like a way more exciting job than any corporate desk-type-job you could possibly have.

Has your position as a phone sex worker proven to be more lucrative than the $11 you started out with?


Thanks! It's fun that there's that time talking to Mindy. I can get out the laughter before I talk to the guy, or brace myself if it's something a little out there.

I was late the other day, and the first call she gave me was a man calling himself "Stephanie" who wanted to talk about my panties. I asked if this was punishment for my being late and she assured me that it was.

And yes, it is disturbing that it's all become so normal. I get incest and dom calls almost every time I work. The only thing we're not allowed to talk about are underage fantasies. Anything else is fair game

A lot of times, I'll laugh in passing at something that happened, and I'll mention it to Dennis. He's the one who tells me it's so fucked up and I should write about it. If no one ever asked me about my day, I'm sure I'd overlook a lot of good calls!

Of course, because it has become so normal, I have to remind myself that it's not, at all, to everyone else. I already had a dirty mind to begin with, and I've crossed a threshold. Before I took this job, I didn't even say the word "pussy" out loud. Now, I'll tell a dude who's annoying me at the bar that I wanna take him home and fuck his ass with my dildo.

It's more lucrative than being poor, but not by much! It's not a high paying job, in the least. It just works out because I can focus on my school and do homework in between calls.


First off thanks for accepting me as your friend on Myspace. My question is what is the most bizarre thing you had to do for someone on the phone?


I like Myspace friends!

It's hard to decide what's the most bizarre. I've had a guy ask me to put the phone by my butt and fart for him, Beavis and Butthead style. I couldn't do it. Another wanted me to rub the phone in my bush, so I just rubbed it on my hair. There is one guy who calls from time to time and wants me to cry while he cums. So, I just have to fake sob and sniffle until he's done. I don't know if that's more bizarre or annoying, though.


I’ve got a pretty good idea of the type of calls you don’t like, so my question is, which calls are easiest, or the most fun? “Short calls” would be the obvious answer, but what makes a “good day at work” for you?

J. Random

The most fun calls are the ones where we're just talking. I genuinely enjoy talking to people, so when someone wants to just shoot the shit, I'm happy.

Some of the guys are just lonely, so they really want someone to talk to. They'll tell me about their day, their lives, and I listen and am interested in what they have to say. Some guys want to talk about their particular fetish, but it's not necessarily having phone sex or acting out a fantasy, it's just sharing something with me they can't with anyone else.

As I'm a curious person anyway, it's a chance to ask a lot of questions and learn about this different perspective on sexuality. I think they can tell that I'm genuinely interested, so usually they open up. You can feel that moment where it switches from being an awkward introduction, to them settling in and actually opening up, and that's a very cool feeling. Those guys usually sound very relieved or grateful when they hang up, so I feel like, even if this job is kinda gross and kinda weird, I'm doing something good for a lot of people.


Hello Charlotte! Out of curiosity, would you ever recommend this sort of job to another girl? If she were extremely open, can deal with a lot of bullshit, sorta bizarre, and had a weird sense of humor. Do you think she’d be able to handle it?

I’m asking because I’ll be needing a job when I get into university that I can do from my house, I’ll be a visual arts major so I’d like something that I can work on projects while on the phone. Also, it seems like the sorta thing I’d find enjoyable, I like to make people happy. Also it seems like I wouldn’t get stuck doing it for years.

So any advice? Also, I love your stories, they really brighten up a dreary day in the great white north.


Thank you!

I would absolutely recommend it to someone like you! Being a bit bizarre with a warped sense of humor can only help.

It is nice being able to work in between calls since you're at home. The only thing is, you might have an hour or two of downtime, then your phone will ring while you're in the zone. It's hard to muster up the enthusiasm for a call when that happens. I'd been stuck on a paper that I was writing all day. I just couldn't connect my ideas. For some reason, it all clicked in the middle of a phone call, then I was just trying to rush him so I could get it down before it left. All I could think while talking to him was, "hurry up and cum so I can explain Descartes' Conceivability Argument!"

You don't make very much, at all, though. You can work a bunch of hours to increase your paycheck, but it's exhausting having to talk to that many perverts for that long. And, I mean "perverts" in the best way.

A few weeks back, in response to this:

Pet Peeve Numero Uno

When I say, “Hey baby. What do you wanna do today?”

And they say, “Whatever you wanna do…”


I always take a deep breath and a long pause so I can stop myself from telling him I want shove a 12 inch dildo up his ass while I pluck the hairs off his balls one at a time with a pair of tweezers. In front of his mom.

ab posted this:

See, here’s what I don’t get: you claim you can’t do the whole Domme thing very well, but what you came up with right there is *exactly* what it’s about. I’m very submissive, and if I ever called a line and you were to say something like that to me…well, that would be a major turn on. Not because I want my ball hairs plucked out in front of my mother - because that is so erotically forward, dominant and controlling.

That sort of blew my mind a little bit. That's a good piece of advice, thank you, ab! That's probably why the guy in the bar I mentioned earlier didn't run when I offered to shove my dildo up his ass, but actually kept talking to me. Not because he necessarily wanted my dildo, but because I was so erotically forward...The more I take these calls, the more it makes sense. And I've kept your advice in mind when I get indecisive subs on the phone, too, so I appreciate it!