Strange Side-Effects

Originally posted on my Myspace July 28, 2008

I took another job at a restaurant, to supplement my supplemental income.

This afternoon, three guys came in for lunch. Two of them were bigger guys, tall a little on the burly side. The third one, who stood in the middle, was about two heads shorter than the others, wearing a big, silly grin. They all were smiling at me, standing in a row, shoulder to shoulder.

The two on the ends did the talking, "3 for lunch," and so forth. I missed much of what they were saying because the middle one, the little one, was wearing a blue shirt with the outline of the Superman logo across the front. Emblazoned in the middle of the outline was the word "sub."

I was impressed.

Holy shit, what a good sub! Seriously, I work in a "family restaurant," and here's this guy, proudly proclaiming himself sub to these burly Doms.

One of the Doms approaches me to ask if they could have a booth, and I notice that on his chest, is a tiny replica of the same logo. The other "Dom" has the same thing on his shirt. Underneath were three longer words that also didn't register. I realize it's an abbreviation for whatever the fuck their company is.

Now I'm just shocked at how stupid they are for making that their logo.

I told this story to a friend. He didn't make the connection. I, on the other hand, leapt to extreme D/s games. Fuck! This job is ruining me! Ruin, I say!