Anatomy of a Phonecall

Originally posted September 4, 2007

"Hi baby, this is Sarah. Who's this?" I purr into my phone. I spin around in my chair to write down my caller's details and notice a pile of cat puke under the radiator. Motherfucker...

"This is Mark."

"Oh, hi Mark!" I scribble 'mark' on my notepad, "Wanna tell me about yourself, Mark?" I don't know how or why I started this, but I always find myself saying the guy's name repeatedly throughout our conversation. It's annoying when the guy tells me his name is "Panty Baby" though.

"Well, uh..." Some guys are hesitant about that part, but, even that tells me a lot about them. They're the ones who want to control the conversation, and will end up either telling me their fantasy, or hinting at it with their not so subtle questions. Most guys are specific in describing themselves though, height, weight, hair color, eye color. Then they wait. Others ask me what I want to know. Then others throw me something random, like the color of their panties, or that they are afraid of clowns.

"Well. I'm just laying here kinda naked."

"Kinda naked?!" I say with a giggle, "So what? You just have your socks on?" I know that I can tease him a little because even though he's going to control the conversation, he's being shy, his voice is sort of quiet and timid, not firm and loud like a truly dominant caller's would.

The beginning of calls is always the digging, digging. Trying to figure out what they really want to talk about. 18, white, hot and horny with big tits is a skeleton. Dom, sensual dom, tranny, motherly, kinky are the meat and fat, the substance. It sucks that people have to feel guilty for liking to lick assholes. Maybe that's part of the fun, though...

Anyway, I shut everything off when my phone rings. No television, no music, no cats on my lap. I have to see what we're doing in my head, what I'm doing to him so I can describe it for him. Later in the call, I might be on my hands and knees in the middle of my living room straddling my body pillow while I describe jackhammer punches to some fucking bitch's cunt. Early on, I sit on my computer chair, legs crossed, bent in half forward writing the essential data in my wide ruled notebook I can't stand. After his skeleton is sketched on paper, I close my eyes and flesh him out in my mind. I see him laying on his bed kinda naked. He's on disheveled gray sheets, with his brown hair a tangled mess and his blue eyes looking away from me, shyly. I'm kneeling beside him, stroking his chest trying to get him to talk to me.

"You're naked except your socks, Mark?"

"No...I don't have socks on even."

I listen intently for background noise. Is he watching a porn, too? Is there music? Is his breath ragged? If he drops his voice, I drop mine lower. If he sounds uncomfortable, I giggle softly, because I am, too. If he confesses I coo reassuringly, I think it's hot, too, baby. All of his questions get yes answers.

"Oooh! So you're all the way naked, mmm. If I were lying there naked with you, what would you want me to do for you, Mark?" I let my voice drop down an octave, I speak slowly. I try to caress him with my voice the way I would with my fingertips. Everything I say is thick as molasses, I imagine my words wrapping us up and we're adrift, painting his fantasy.

"What would you want me to do to you, Mark, if I were lying there naked next to you?"

"Well, I'd want you to suck my dick. Do you like to suck dick?"

"I do! I love it."

"How do you do it? How would you suck my dick?"

"I'd crawl up between your legs, and I'd lick your balls. Slow circles with my tongue, back and forth, making your balls wet," I moan softly, breathing more heavily to match his breath in my ear, "I'd lift your balls with my tongue, then slowly lick my way up your big hard cock and stop right at that ridge. You know that sensitive ridge just below the head of your cock, right, Mark?"


"Yes, lick around and around, so softly, so lightly with just the tip of my tongue. Teasing you until I feel you lift your hips below me..." I'll pause for feedback. Does he want to continue, or join in, or ask me a random ass question?

"What's the biggest dick you've sucked?"

Interesting. Men are oddly fascinated with dick size. This guy requested an 18 year old, slutty girl. Nothing about motherly, or dominant or anything to suggest he wants to get made fun of for his tiny dick. He didn't mention how big his cock was either. So, it's not a matter of him wanting to be made fun of. It's about him wanting to suck a great big dick.

"10 inches."

"Wow! Was he black?" Correction, he wants to suck a great big, black dick.

"Uh huh..."

"Have you sucked a lot of black dicks?"

"I have."

"You're a busy girl, huh?"

"I like to suck dick! I'm a little cockwhore!"

"Yea..." he says this quietly, thickly. He hesitates, and I sit quiet. He wants to be a cockwhore, too. So I wait, he'll offer up more clues. He's relaxed, afloat.

"Oops," he says suddenly, "I was just dripping a little and I had to wipe it up."

"Oh, I like watching that precum slide down your cock, you should have left it."

"Well, I tasted it off my fingers. I like to wipe it up and then lick my hand."

OH! A cum eater. So, he wants to be a cum guzzling cockwhore who prefers big, black cock. Good shit.

"You do? So, I could lick it up and make you suck it off my tongue?"

"Yes. You would do that?"

"I would. I'd let you cum in my mouth and I would feed it to you. Make you stick your tongue out and let your cum drip slowly off tongue onto yours. Suck your cum off of my tongue, Mark."

He groans, "You could lick my ass, too, when you suck my dick."

"You know I would. You like having your asshole tongue-fucked?" Depending on how whether or not he hesitates by my using the word "fucked" in relation to his asshole lets me know if he'll let me shove anything else up his ass. There are those men that want to suck cock that won't take it up the ass. They'll gladly let you make your friend rape their faces, but get all pissy if you suggest your friend rape their asses, too.

"Do you like getting fucked up your ass?" He asks, me. His voice is quiet and shallow, and I know we're getting down to the nitty gritty.

"I do. I love it! Would you fuck my ass and drink the cum out of it?"

"Oh yes."

"Would you drink another man's cum out of my ass?"

"Yes, I would," thicker, quieter.

"Would you drink another man's cum out of his cock?"

"Oh yes. I have, I've sucked dicks before."

"What's the biggest dick you've sucked, Mark?"

"10 inches."

"Was he black, Mark?"

"Yes. His name was Tyrone. I met him the other day at a bar."

"Did he fuck your little asshole, too, Mark?"

"No," here he hesitates. I imagine him shaking his head to clear the fog and I worry that I messed up. After a moment, he continues on, confident, "They, the black guys. . .they just want me to suck them off. Just. . .It'd kinda like I'm their little bitch."

"You suck a lot of black dick. So, you're a little cockwhore, Mark?"

"Yea. I guess I am, I guess they make me..."

"They make you a dirty little cum guzzling cockwhore, huh, Mark?" I interrupted.

"Yea..." I hear him breathing faster.

"It's fun sucking dick, isn't it?" He gasps quietly, and his breath quickens, so I press on, speaking a little louder, but deeper, "You like being a little cockwhore don't you, Mark?" his breath hitches, so I talk a little faster, more forceful, I push it, "You like it when Tyrone grabs you buy your hair and rapes your mouth, don't you Mark?"

"YES!" he shoots. I smile.

"So, um...ok," he's suddenly nervous again and stuttering after a brief silence. I'm surprised he hasn't hung up.

"I had fun talking to you, Mark."

"Yea, it was just a story, though. Just made up stories." He's apologetic and ashamed. I want to tell him I don't know him, I can't point a finger at him!

"I know, Mark." I say, with a giggle, the same sock teasing voice I used earlier. "But it was a good story," I added with my cooing whisper.

"Ahem. Ok, bye." He said quickly, faintly and hung up.