Just Another Friday Night

Originally posted October 26, 2007

I just got yelled at by a 75 year old man for calling it his ass instead of his pussy.

You see, he requested a tranny. A black tranny. The blacker the better, and he bragged about his ability to take a cock.

"You have a cock, not a cunt, right?" He asks me suspiciously.

I laughed, "No, no! I have a great big fat 9 inch cock."

"Good, 'cause I'd hang up if you had one of them cunts. They disgust me. They really do."

So, I proceeded to stick my shemale cock in his whore ass, and he yelled, "Pussy! It's not an ass, it's my pussy."


So, let's recap. I'm pretending to be a chick with a dick, and he's pretending to be a man with a pussy...

I love my job.