Apparently, I Have a Line

Originally posted March 17, 2008

The recorded message shouts, "This is a foot fetish call! He wants to worship your feet! He wants to give your feet a tongue bath!"

I gross out and take the call. Feet are so gross! Foot fetish calls are easy enough though, as long as I don't think about it too much.

Ryan dispenses with the small talk and gets right to the point, "I want you to be submissive. You're going to be my little whore."

"Ok!" Which is odd, usually guys who want to tongue bathe my feet are the subs. Maybe he called the wrong line, whatever.

"Choke on my cock, whore!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Yay, good fun. Ryan's idea of dom and sub is degradation, I play the meek girl, thanking her master for allowing her to choke on his dick. This doesn't require a whole lot of effort, it's basically cooing something whenever he stops talking, so I go back to StumbleUpon.

He tells me a line, and I repeat it. Unfortunately, he's not very creative, and it's just whorebitchslutwhorebitchslut on a continuous loop. After a dozen times, it's hard to say, "Oh yes, I'm a dirty fucking whore" with conviction anymore. Especially when you stumble upon cute cat pictures.

"I'm going to lay you on your back and fuck you! I'm going to suck your fucking toes while I do it!" He says with a growl.

"Oh, yes! Do you like my little toes?"

"I do, such cute little toes! Press your foot against my cock, your foot's even smaller than my dick!"

"Oh, such a big dick!"

We go back and forth for a while about how big his dick is. He doesn't sound like a big mean dom anymore, or maybe I'm just projecting. I mean, really, once you tell a girl your dick is 10 inches long, why do you need her to keep verifying that for you? But more than that, it was the breathless little whimper he gave when I described my hot pink toenail polish. I could hear him shudder when I tickled his balls with my toes. So I get a little less submissive and start giving orders.

Gently of course, "Let me feel your tongue in between my toes! That's right, slide that tongue up and down the arch of my foot!"

I feel him start to give, and I'm wondering how far I can push him, "You wanna fuck those feet, don't you?"

"Oh yes..."

"Want me to press them together. . .let you fuck that little arch?" I whisper.


"You like those little feet wrapped around that dick, don't you?"

Then, suddenly snaps to."Call me Daddy, now!"

Damn, I was just starting to have fun.

I'm back to the meek little girl now, not so much submissive as innocent. "Oh Daddy, your dick is so big!"

There's a lot of fake gagging and more repeating what he tells me to say. He's basically talking to himself, describing what we're doing, and I moan accordingly. Then I check back out of the conversation and back to stumbling. I'm a terrible phone whore. I remember the days when callers got my undivided attention.

I'm in the middle of making my own kaleidescope when I notice he said something about black skin and his white dick. I'm black in this conversation? My default description is white, and I try to remember if we described ourselves in the beginning of the call. Well, it barely matters, since my voice is the same no matter where Charlotte is from, so I now talk about his big, white dick.

"You're a dirty whore, aren't you?" He says, rushed. It sounds like he's getting ready to cum, and thank goodness. I'm ready to be done with this call because I can't watch YouTube videos while I'm on my internet phone.

"Oh yes, I'm a dirty whore!"

"Tell me you want me to fuck your black ass with my big white dick!"

So, I did.

"Say, 'I'm a dirty whore!'"

So, I did.

"Say, 'Fuck my nigger ass with that white cock!'"

"Fuck my ass with that white cock!" Fuck him. I feel like I should hang up, but I'd rather fuck with him.

"Say, 'fuck my nigger ass!'"

"Oh, fuck my ass!"

"You fucking bitch, say it, say, 'fuck my nigger ass!'"

"Fuck my ass!"

He growls low and deep, "Tell me you want my big white dick in your nigger ass!"

"I want your white dick in my ass!!" It's difficult not to laugh at his frustration.

"You stupid fucking whore piece of shit!" He's spitting in the phone he's so mad, but he still sounds aroused, "Say it! Or are you a really nigger? You are, aren't you? You're a fucking nigger whore for real aren't you? SAY IT!!!!"

"No." I say calmly, "I'm not going to say it."

There's an extended moment of silence and I wait for him to hang up.

"You fucking bitch!" He's so mad he's stammering, "I would fuck you so hard!"

Now, I actually laugh at him, "You would?"

"Yea, I would."

"With that big white dick," I say, dripping with sarcasm.

"It is big!"

"So you say."

"You bitch, I would fuck you so hard with this big dick!" He groans.

"Really? Is it big?" I say in baby talk. Then, "You wouldn't know what to do with a black woman in your bed," I say with a nice heap of disgust added to the sarcasm.

I can hear him fapping furiously, and I'm surprised. Although, I guess I shouldn't be.

"Oh, I wish you were here right now so I could show you what I could do to you," he says, gasping.

I laugh again, "With that big white dick, huh? You think you would know how to fuck this black girl the right way?"

He doesn't say anything, he seems like he's trying to, but he can't. He screams his orgasm, and unlike most of the callers at this company, he doesn't hang up right away. I sit expectantly, saying nothing. He makes a couple of false starts then finally hangs up. I log out and play Retris. Stupid asshole.