30 Day Happiness Challenge: Day One

I decided to do this 30 Day Happiness Challenge.

I figured I should post it here, too, so it didn't get lost on Facebook over time.

I *just* realized this is supposed to be done first thing in the morning. I was planning to do it before bed, but as I'm not a morning person, maybe this will help my days start off a little better! Anyway...

1. I'm grateful for my in-laws. Half my family lives in Italy, the other half I don't know at all. Growing up, it was just my mom and my brother. Myhusband's family welcomed me with open arms and I really feel a part of the family. I'm happy that my son will grow up surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who will shower him with love.

2. I'm grateful for this day. There was a time I didn't even want to be alive anymore and I have worked hard since then to change my negative mind-set. Life is far from perfect or easy, but it's fucking beautiful!

3. I am grateful for my friends. I have some truly wonderful people in my life who are supportive and loving - some of whom I've never even met in real life! I always have someone to turn to for advice or to share a laugh. That is a gift and I treasure it.